About DBT Medical

Founded in 1979, DBT Medical provides products primarily made from natural rubber. Our products are for care and comfort for ostomy and colostomy patients. 

Our core principle is to provide high-quality products manufactured with raw materials. 

Natural rubber is harmonious with human contact due to its plant base. The main DBT Medical products are all made of this natural raw material. 

Ostomy and Colostomy Care Products - Happy Aged Couple
Ostomy Care Products in England

The ostomy, colostomy, lavatory seat and veterinary rebreather bags have a life of many cycles; wash them in clean soapy water, dry them thoroughly and return them to service.

The ability to reuse them makes these products cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

When they come to the end of their useful life, these natural products are biodegradable.

Forty years from the start of our business, these principles remain at the heart of DBT Medical today.

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